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West Virginia Haunted Locations

Over the past 17 years, we have received a number of submissions of haunted locations...

Haunted 22 Mine Road

Being a Surveyor in my past career, I had come across an area that I...

The Strange Tale of the Fireco Monster

The world was a little stranger in the 1930s, according to old issues of The...

Couple Discovers Bigfoot while Driving in West Virginia

According to Wesley while traveling on Route 33 with his wife on November 21, 2016,...

Shadow Ghosts

Have you ever experienced a Shadow Ghost? Shadow Ghosts are materializations of black forms usually...

Was Mothman Spotted in Pt. Pleasant Recently?

There was a possible Mothman sighting this past Sunday, November 20, 2016 in Point Pleasant,...

Poll: What are the Five Most Haunted Places in West Virginia?

What are the five most haunted places in West Virginia? Please choose five locations from...

LBH Glenville State College

Shortly after my retirement as a police officer, I went to work for a public...

Ghost Encounter at Moundsville

About 3 to 4 years ago, my best friend Brittany, her mother Shannon, Shannon's best...

Hurricane Creek Road – Roadside Ghosts

My encounter happened in the winter of 1983. I was a senior in high school...

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The Creek Beds

One night three of my friends and I went seeking adventure in some creek beds...

A Night at the Unmarked Graves

While growing up in Richwood, West Virginia, I had always heard local tales of the...

Green Eyes, Black Shadow

The story that I am going to tell is true. I know because I was...

Animals that Haunt?

When I was a little girl I had pets, a black cat and a mixed...

The Ghost of Benedict Road

This story took place in the 1980's. We were out partying one night, but before...

The Moaning

A friend of mine's brother bought a house in the Albright area about a year...

Ghost of Burlington

A few years back I was working at a home for troubled teens called Burlington....

The Little Blue House

So this story didn't happen to me personally, it happened to my dad's brother and sister-in-law...


I had moved back to my grandparents farm near Lost Creek, WV.  The old house had...

Night Visitor

After fighting in World War II, my father returned to his family's farm located just...

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Grandma’s Visit

Grandma’s Visit

When I was eight years old, my grandmother died of ovarian cancer. Her death severely affected my family, but she made sure some of us knew we were being watched. One day I was playing with a jump rope in my grandfather's yard, next door to our house, when something...
Patient Princess

Patient Princess

The Red Eyes

The Red Eyes

Ghost of Burlington

Ghost of Burlington

Black Panther?

Black Panther?

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